collaboration with Swamiji & Elspeth Duncan. musician/producer

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Im going to share with you how you and your company can walk in air.

There is research to prove this, so don’t skewer me yet...we’ll look at the past and present, and then look forward to walk in air.

How many of you have ever seen a roadrunner cartoon where a coyote chases roadrunner off a cliff? coyote runs off the cliff, stops, looks down and realizes, ‘this is impossible’. And his beliefs cause his fall.

What does the coyote & profitable business have in common? First off some history:

In the 1800's we saw the end of the farming age and the growth of the industrial revolution. And presently we see this revolution winding down and a new age dawning. 

We have moved from earth to factories to ideas—air—'cloud computing'.  And one new idea — what is good for the employee is good for the bottom line.

There is now a plethora of corporate research how wellness and meditation reduces stress and increases health, productivity, purpose, & profit.       

WHO reports stress costs business $300 billion & thats just in the USA. Another study found 2/3rds of doctor visits are stress related.

Stress cost Safeway supermarket 100 mill a year & then reversed those numbers when they incentivized programs to heal.

Meditation research at Oxford University found employees who meditated had a greater sense of purpose, more connected and healthier.

Profit from Care was like as walking in air. Now it is a reality. 

Companies like Google, Apple, & Nike, are offering meditation, soul searching, and creative time to their workforce.

3P companies tout a triple bottom line: people, planet & profit. The research supports this- its not just pie in the sky to you. Cause now, if there is pie in the sky you can now walk over and eat it. Business has changed their belief system based on facts.

Now the future —
Let’s take one more step off the cliff. Medical college across the world are secretly conducting research on energy medicine. Healing with hands and intention, in person and by skype. From Tobago to Tunisia. Shamans, healers, and regular folks without a title or experience, are healing people of emotional and physical health disorders, and they are doing it, not in years and months, but in hours and minutes. I can share my own personal case studies of clients I have sent energy blessings to, and a week later doctors report the patient is symptom free of hepatitis, broken bones, and leukemia. In once case, a friend called and asked me to send blessings for a young woman in a coma. She told me as I sent the blessing on the phone, the nurses said the woman awoke. This is not just me folks, everybody has this gift.

So we have just taken one small step from the published research to the current secret research... Are you all with me? Faith based in evidence—extrapolating to instant healing. 

Now that our minds accept what was once considered impossible, what we think in our hearts becomes reality, let me take this one final step.
Assuming instant healing studies prove conclusive, and businesses offer shaman visits to the work force, and the people get better instantly

Let’s ask the really big, cool, ultimate questions.

Can energy healing instantly eradicate illness around the world?

Can the end of suffering? 

One more step an end to poverty?

I challenge businesses to blow the clarion horn. Lead the way. Tell the media your priority now is conducting evidence-based research to end illness, suffering and poverty  — virtually instantly.

And if helping one company heal increases profits — imagine the profits from healing the world.  

In summary, what was once believed a step off the cliff — caring for people yields greater profits — is now proving true. The next step is instant healing a third step — if healing is now truly instantaneous, can we eradicate all illness? And step 4, the possibility of ending poverty & suffering.

 Now you’re really walking in air

Heart Blessings for Attracting All Abundance of Mind, Body & Spirit